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What Types of Computer Issues Can Be Handled with Remote I.T. Support?

Remote I.T. support can handle a majority of the problems that computer users encounter every day. Companies often underestimate the capabilities of remote tech support simply because they don’t understand how many computer issues can be handled this way. It’s an especially helpful service right now when so many people are working from home and social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Remote support benefits include:

  1. Faster than in person support

  2. More economical

  3. “Contactless” and non-disruptive

  4. Allows users to see exactly how something was fixed

Computer Issues You Can Address Through Remote Support On average, employees spend 30 minutes a week trying to fix I.T. issues. And that statistic was from before COVID-19 had nearly everyone working from home without their normal office support structure. Rather than struggling, employees can request a remote support session and get the help they need in minutes. This means less time wasted and better productivity. What happens during remote support? Our technicians guide you through the process. We log in securely to your computer and it’s just like we’re sitting at the keyboard ourselves. You can watch while we address your issue, and once the session is complete, we disconnect. Remote support is completely secure, and we put safeguards in place to close the connection once finished so it can’t be exploited by a hacker. Here are several common issues that can be addressed through a remote support login.

Software Problems Having trouble starting a group video conference? Need help with a complicated Excel chart? We can address software issues and help you through a problem without needing to visit in person, it can all be handled remotely.

Virus Scan/Cleaning If you’re worried about a virus or malware, don’t just search online and grab the first “cleaner” app you see (These are often scams!). Instead, contact our remote support help. We can easily login and do a thorough scanning for viruses or malware and clean your system if needed.

Email Setup or Issues If you’re working from home on your own PC, you’ll most likely need to set up your work email account in your mail program. It is easier said than done on some systems. If you’re having email issues, we can help remotely with setup, roadblocks, or to help you customize email rules to save time.

Performance/Slow Computers Is your system locking up often when you’re trying to multitask? Are there tons of programs that start automatically at boot that you don’t need to wait for? Remote support is a great way to have your computer optimized. We’ll go through several strategies to clean up your system and help improve performance.

Microsoft Office Questions/Issues Many companies use Microsoft Office, and the platform is so robust that employees often have questions. Such as, “How do I properly provision a SharePoint site?” or “What’s the best way to secure OneDrive documents with permissions?”. We can take care of MS Office settings and issues remotely and teach you what we’re doing at the same time if you like.

Data Backup and Recovery Do you have a problem with your data backup? Need to start backups for your team, but want to make sure it’s done right? We can handle backup and recovery operations remotely to ensure your files are protected.

Blue Screens or Strange Error Messages If you’re seeing strange error messages or getting the “blue screen of death,” leaving those problems undiagnosed can lead to a hard drive crash. Even if you can’t bring your computer in to be looked at, we can login remotely and diagnose the issue, so you know what’s happening and what steps need to be taken to fix it.

Security Settings If you are newly working remote and unsure what types of security you need on your computer, we can help remotely. We’ll go through your system settings, tell you how well protected your PC is and make recommendations for any needed additional safeguards.

What Can’t We Help with Remotely? The types of things that we can’t assist with remotely are those that require us to physically look inside your computer. Such as a broken hardware component or screen that needs to be replaced. One other requirement for remote support is an internet connection, which allows us to login and maintain control of your system during the session.

Make Sure Your Remote Employees Have the Support They Need Keep your team productive by ensuring they have the I.T. support they need, whether working at the office or at home. Texas I.T. Pros is there for your entire team when they need us with fast remote support. Contact us today to sign up! Call 940-239-6500 or reach out online.

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