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Managed Services

Are you tired of paying for I.T. support by the hour, and thereby giving your I.T. person an incentive to take longer to resolve your problems and no reason to try to stop them from happening again? Would you like to eliminate surprise I.T. support bills? If so, Managed Services is for you! Managed Services is just a fancy term for flat-rate I.T. support and management. Our Managed Services plans include a combination of solutions such as unlimited tech support, managed next-generation antivirus software, managed backups, network monitoring, and many more features, all for one flat monthly fee each month. We can then concentrate on proactive support for your systems, as we are incentivized to keep everything in tip-top condition for you all the time. Click here for more info!

Tech Support

Chances are you're here on our website because something is broken. You might have a slow server, a dead desktop, a lazy laptop, a naughty network, or any of a million other random I.T. problems. Have no fear - we can help! We support computers, servers, networks, and other I.T. equipment of all types from pretty much every manufacturer. Chances are if you have it, we can fix it. Give us a call now before the problem gets even worse! After all, we are the premier provider of tech support, I.T. support, and computer repair in Decatur, Bridgeport, and all of the rest of Wise County.

I.T. Consulting

With many years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Texas I.T Pros, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business from a technology perspective. We can help with all of your I.T. consulting needs, from new software research and implementation, to business process improvement, to management of any type of I.T. project, and more.

Network & Voice Cabling

We are THE local experts in network and voice cabling. There's no need to bring in some pricey outfit from the metroplex to handle these tasks when we're right down the road from you! We handle all of our cabling work in house using our own equipment and technicians to ensure that our cabling projects result in the highest level of quality and performance for our clients. Whether you just need a few cables ran, or you need hundreds, we're the pros to call for all of your cabling infrastructure projects in Bridgeport, Decatur, and Wise County.

Wireless Networks

Is a high performance and extremely reliable wireless network what makes your world go around? Is your current wireless network unreliable, slow, or have dead spots? We have solutions to solve every wireless network problem you could possibly have. Whether you just need to make sure every inch of your business is covered with WiFi for a few of your employees to use, or you need to make sure every inch of your school is covered with WiFi that is powerful enough for thousands of students to use, we can make it happen. Need to get WiFi to another building on your property? We can make that happen too. Put our Pros to work for you today so your WiFi can be perfect tomorrow!

Phone Systems

Are you using a phone system from the stone ages? If your phone system is more than 10 years old, it is way too old! You are missing out on a world of amazing and productivity enhancing features. For most businesses, your phone system is your main method of interacting with your customers, but so many people treat it more like a plumbing fixture than a productivity tool. We can replace your system with a modern system with modern features such as auto attendants, call queues, hotdesking, softphones, cordless options, mobile phone apps, text messaging, and SO many more features. The options are almost limitless! Until you are ready to upgrade to an awesome new system, we can help take care of your existing system too. We support most major brands and models.

Cellular Boosters

If you work in Wise County or the surrounding areas, there is about a good chance that it's in a building that has poor cell phone reception. If there is a decent signal outside your building, but a poor signal inside, we have a solution that is guaranteed to work. Our solution, weBoost, is manufactured by the foremost experts in cellular booster technology, Wilson Electronics, and we are the ONLY certified installers for their products in the area. The weBoost cellular booster system is carrier agnostic, which means that it will boost the signal of all of the major cellular carriers, instead of just one carrier like many other solutions. Our solution also does not rely on internet or WiFi service in the building like many other solutions do. Lastly, the weBoost system even boosts the signal for cellular internet service, so 4G LTE or even 5G cellular internet services can work inside your building too. To determine whether or not your situation will be resolved by our system, we first perform a site survey using our professional grade cellular signal scanning equipment. Call us today to schedule your site survey!

Office Moves & New Office Setups

Is your office moving, or are you setting up a new office? We offer turnkey solutions for you! We can handle everything for you, such as: establishing internet and phone service; acquiring and installing computers, printers, copiers, and network equipment; adding network wiring and a wireless network; and if you're moving, we will even pack up your I.T. equipment at your old office, carefully move it to your new office, and set it all back up for you. We can remove all of the I.T. related stress from your shoulders, so you can concentrate on other tasks. It's hard to beat!

Web Design

Do you need a website for your business? You've come to the right place! By popular demand, we now build websites. From simple, single page sites for small businesses, to elaborate sites for large businesses, and everything in-between, we have you covered.

Web & Email Hosting

Handling website and email hosting correctly is very important these days. You don't want someone that doesn't put security and reliability first in charge of these critical items. It's much safer to rely on the skills of all-around I.T. professionals to ensure that your website and email are as secure and reliable as they can possibly be.

Graphic Design

Does your business need a logo, or do your marketing graphics need a facelift? We have an in-house graphic designer that can blow you away with graphical goodness!

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