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What New Features Did Microsoft Just Add to Teams to Improve Video Calls?

Teams Can Now Do WebinarsThe ability to do webinars is a big value-add for Teams. It now is one of the few platforms out there designed for both everyday online meetings and for conducting webinars. Users can designate a meeting as a webinar, which gives them the ability to customize a webinar registration page. Add a header image and any questions that you want to ask people as they’re registering.

All Teams images are from Microsoft.The webinar addition also includes attendee reporting so you can see who signed up and who attended. Once people register for the webinar, they automatically receive a confirmation email with the meeting link.

Choose Three Professional Presentation ModesPresenting over video conferencing typically looks less professional than presenting in person. You often don’t have much control over how your video feed looks, and people can just hear you instead of seeing you when you’re sharing a presentation. You can get a little closer to an offline experience with Teams’ new Presenter Mode feature. It gives you three professional-looking views to show your audience for a more impactful presentation.

  1. Standout Mode: Your video feed is laid in front of your full-screen presentation.

  2. Side-by-Side Mode: Your video feed and presentation share the screen next to each other.

  3. Reporter Mode: Your video feed is larger, with the presentation over your shoulder.

Live Reactions Make Meetings More FunThere can be an awkward silence when everyone is on mute and the person presenting and sharing their screen asks, “What does everyone think about that?” If people come off mute, it’s usually a jumble of talking over each other. Teams has added Live Reactions to try to bridge that gap between audience interaction without a big disruption. Live Reactions mimics a feature you see in Facebook Live video streams, where users can click an emoji to react to something they see.

Add Flexibility with PowerPoint LiveHave you ever wanted to page back to a previous slide in a presentation that the presenter went past too quickly? Often viewers will either get bored or feel left behind if the pacing of an online presentation isn’t right for them. PowerPoint Live adds more flexibility by allowing viewers access to the presentation slides, so they can click forward or backward between them. Only they will see their personal view, so they can do this without disrupting the entire presentation.

More Together Mode BackgroundsMicrosoft brought Together Mode to Teams a while back, but it had limited backgrounds that could be used. It has just added more backgrounds that are designed to accommodate both large and small groups. Even a group of three can appear together sitting at a lovely conference table. Together mode is designed to give a feeling of togetherness even though teams are meeting from different locations. It puts everyone’s video feed in the same scene for a connected feeling.

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