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Make Your Conference Room Look & Sound Better With Purpose Built Conference Room Hardware

46% to 90% week over week during the pandemic, depending on platform. It’s become the way to interface with people safely and still get that face-to-face connection. How effective those video calls are, depends on the setup you have. If you have cumbersome equipment that’s difficult to use or are relying on a cheap laptop with poor sound and video quality, it can significantly distract from your meeting. Without the same luxury that we had with in-person meetings pre-pandemic, you need to make the most of your video conferences, and sometimes that takes an I.T. consultant to help.

Video Call Challenges Are you finding that your team spends the first 10 minutes of a call just trying to get your conference room equipment set up? Do your video meetings suffer from sound and picture problems? Then you may want to look into a hardware solution for your conference room or huddle space that makes video conferencing much easier, plus improves the look and sound of your calls.

How Poly Studio X30 and X50 Can Make Conferencing Easier Imagine instead of having to struggle with wires and a computer when setting up a video meeting, that you could just use a simple rectangular bar that had a built-in video camera and speaker. That’s what the Poly Studio X30 and X50 is designed for. It’s one simple piece of hardware that you can easily mount near your display screen to initiate video calls… no computer required! Video calls work best when they’re stress-free, that way you can focus on the meeting, not trying to get the meeting to work. Texas I.T. Pros helps clients streamline their conference room experience, making it much easier to use as well as look and sound better.

  1. Poly Studio X30: Perfect for small areas and huddle spaces designed to facilitate small group meetings

  2. Poly Studio X50: Created for use in mid-sized rooms for a larger group conference experience with up to 10 people. Here’s how the Poly Studio video/sound bar makes your conferencing experience better.

Incredibly Simple to Use There is no PC or Mac computer needed to set up the video conferencing, so your staff isn’t left trying to get their laptop to work with a conference room video camera. Data can be shared wired or wirelessly. One simple bar handles both the sound and the video. That means no complicated speaker system to deal with either.

High-Quality Audio Poly Studio is built with high-quality, immersive sound designed to fill the room. Stereo speakers in the bar deliver board-room quality audio. A next generation array of microphones ensures that everyone in the room is heard clearly. There is also noise blocking technology to block out distractions.

Natural, Intelligent Camera Framing The Poly Studio bar uses AI for intelligent camera framing that looks natural and ensures a good picture quality to the participants on the other end of the call. Because the camera and speaker are contained in one piece of hardware, there’s no complicated set up trying to get each to work together.

Supports Standard Video Meeting Platforms Poly Studio has built in support for all the popular conferencing solutions, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, and more. This means you don’t have to go through a complicated software setup process, the connection capabilities for whichever platform you want to use are already inside the bar.

Set Up in Minutes Have you wanted to improve the look and sound inside your conference room, but just didn’t want to go through the hassle of installing a bunch of speakers and other equipment? You can be set up with Poly Studio in just minutes. The bar can be mounted easily above or beneath your video display. No complicated set up and no drama just trying to get a decent video and audio system in your office.

Cost Effective Because of the simplicity of the Poly Studio X50 and X30 video bar, you’re paying less than you would for an expensive, multi-hardware conferencing setup. Plus, it’s easy to move, should you decide to change your conference room layout in the future. You can do meetings where and when you need to and have them look and sound professional, without needing an expensive conferencing room system.

Improve Your Conferencing Experience Today! Get easy video conferencing that looks and sounds great! Texas I.T. Pros can help you with a Poly Studio solution that fits your space needs, whether you have a dedicated conference room or a huddle space. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! Call 940-239-6500 or reach out online.

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