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If You Want a More Productive Team, Give Them a Second Monitor

A Dual-Monitor Setup Can Improve Efficiency Over 40%You may be surprised at just how much adding additional screen space can improve a person’s productivity. Two reports that compared a one-monitor workflow with a two-monitor workflow found that having an additional screen makes a big difference. Here are findings from two dual-screen studies:

  1. Dell: Productivity was improved by 44% for text tasks and 29% for spreadsheet tasks

  2. Jon Peddie Research: Productivity was improved by 42%Study participants report a more pleasant experience with a two-monitor workflow, even when they tested that against a larger single monitor. They noted having more room to keep apps open and the ability to find information more easily. Another benefit that using two screens provides is a larger screen area at a higher resolution, than a bigger single monitor can offer.

Benefits of Switching to a Two-Monitor Workflow

Fast Payback on an Affordable InvestmentWith many companies navigating the pandemic recently and working to regain any lost business, money to invest in technology can be tight. But technology investments are often what helps lower costs and improve profitability. Purchasing a second monitor for employees is on the lower end of IT investments yet packs a powerful productivity boost because it impacts everything a person does on their computer. Companies can typically see payback in productivity improvements in less than a month.

Reduce the Need to Switch WindowsPeople can switch between windows 10 times per hour on average, and all that switching takes a productivity toll. Sixty-eight percent of surveyed employees say they spend at least 30 minutes per day switching between different apps to get their work done.  Not having enough screen space is a big reason that people need to switch between windows. They’ll be working in a cloud app in their browser and need to tab over to another window to gather information and can’t fit both windows up on their screen without making them too small. Having an additional monitor allows people to have more apps fully open at the same time. So, referencing between different windows is as easy as looking from one screen to another, without the need to minimize a window.

Big Benefit for Laptop UsersWith the rise of remote and hybrid remote working since the pandemic, there are more employees using laptops as their primary computer than ever before. This means an even more pronounced limit to screen space. Using a laptop with a second monitor provides several benefits. According to the Dell report, companies found the following benefits when connecting laptops to another monitor:

  1. Reduced need for multiple PCs per employee

  2. Greater employee satisfaction

  3. Improved employee productivity

  4. Greater employee creativity

  5. More customizable to users’ needs

More Flexible Video PresentationsWhen sharing a screen during a video presentation, it can be nearly impossible to access anything else on your computer. Even if you’re only sharing one app window, that window is usually covering your entire screen. When you add a second monitor, you can have an entire display that those viewing your screen during a video call can’t see. You can have open meeting notes, your email, or anything else you need to reference or keep an eye on. Zoom, as well as many other video conferencing tools, will allow you to choose which of two monitors you share, giving you the other to use unseen.

Easier Comparison WorkMany office tasks require comparing documents or web pages to find any differences. For example, you may be referencing a Word document someone has edited against the original to see what you want to include in a final version. Bringing up two windows side-by-side on a single monitor can be frustrating. You have to fiddle with the window size, fight “snap-to” behaviors, and scroll constantly to see the information. Using two monitors allows you to see both documents at their fully open size, for much faster comparison work.

Get Help Improving Your Office Productivity AffordablyTexas I.T. Pros can help your Denton or Wise County business with affordable options for hardware and software upgrades that will pay you back quickly in productivity and cost reductions. Contact us today to learn more! Call 940-239-6500 or reach out online.

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