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All Wi-Fi is Not Created Equal! Are You Missing Out?

network security or automating cloud platforms. 90% of companies are using at least one cloud service, and many of them use several. The cost savings, security enhancements, and efficiency improvements of cloud computing are factors that have transformed it into the norm of how businesses use technology. All those cloud systems need to connect smoothly to the internet to ensure you’re getting the productivity boost you expected, rather than running into problems. All those cloud systems are relying on your wireless signal to make that happen. If you’re not using the right Wi-Fi network setup, you could be missing out on faster speed, stronger “all office” connections, and the elimination of weak signals or dead zones.

“Aren’t all routers the same?” It’s a common misconception that all routers are the same. They’re not all created equal, and using a single router connected to your ISPs modem can leave you with spotty coverage and unreliable connections. Some of the typical issues that companies have when using the Wi-Fi from a single router to power their online connection are:

  1. Solid walls interfering with Wi-Fi signal

  2. “Dead zones” where the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach

  3. Connections that can slow down for everyone due to a large download by a user

  4. Signals that can drop and get interrupted

  5. Inability to easily extend the Wi-Fi network without paying for a separate internet plan

What’s the alternative? A series of multiple internet connection points that make up a strong web of connectivity throughout your property.

How Ubiquiti UniFi® Can Transform Your Wi-Fi Texas I.T. Pros works with multiple organizations in Wise and Denton counties to ensure their technology is supporting their business needs. Whether a company needs a single Wi-Fi access point or hundreds of them, we provide comprehensive wireless network engineering. One of the best and most versatile solutions we’ve found that is a perfect alternative to a single router system is Ubiquiti UniFi®, an enterprise-quality multi-access point network designed to provide a powerful, cost-effective, and feature-rich Wi-Fi.

Router vs Multi-Access Points The key difference between routers and multi-access point networks, like UniFi®, is that you’re being given several connection points for your devices to access rather than relying on just one router. With a single router connection, all your devices from around the office need to connect to the same access point. If one of them is hogging up a lot of bandwidth, then everyone else is slowed down. But when you’re on a multi-access point system, your Wi-Fi connection points can be strategically placed throughout your building (or even outside!), giving everyone consistent access to a strong wireless signal. Here are some of the ways that a UniFi® wireless network can benefit your business.

Unlimited Scalability No matter how large your building is or how you plan to add on in the future, the system can accommodate your needs. UniFi® has unlimited scalability, so if you wanted to build out offices on a top floor, for example, all you have to do is add another unit to quickly expand your network.

Can Support Dual-Band Wi-Fi Some offices use both 5 GHz (faster signal, shorter range) and 2.4 GHz (longer range) Wi-Fi simultaneously and connect different types of wireless devices to each one. This simultaneous dual-band wireless is supported, so nothing has to change of you use a dual-band system, other than getting more reliable signals throughout your building.

Outdoor Options If you’re using just a single router in your office, then your options for having any kind of Wi-Fi outside in a courtyard or patio area are severely limited. Ubiquiti UniFi® has access points designed for outdoor use, so if you want to offer Wi-Fi outside, it’s easy by connecting the outdoor unit to your indoor network.

Get Full Use of Your Building Do you have certain areas of your building that are farthest from your router where you can’t put workstations or wireless printers because the Wi-Fi signal is spotty? With multiple access points, you can blanket your building with a strong internet signal, eliminating those spots with weak or no signal, so you can get full use of your property and lay out your technology however you like.

Improve Productivity by Improving Your Wireless Network If you’re tired of struggling with an unreliable “single router” Wi-Fi system, Texas I.T. Pros can have a multi-access point network set up for you in no time so you can stop struggling and enjoy a smooth, fast, and reliable internet. Contact us today to schedule a network consultation! Call 940-239-6500 or reach out online.

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