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All Internet Providers in Wise County Aren’t the Same!

network internet connection is the vital backbone of your I.T. infrastructure. Without it, you’re disconnected from the world and all your cloud applications, websites, and data that you use every day. Today’s Wi-Fi networks have more devices relying on them than ever, including computers, mobile devices, smart speakers, and other IoT devices (like smart security cameras.) A bad internet plan doesn’t just impact browsing speed, it can cause problems with multiple devices. In the U.S., there are an average of 8 internet-connected devices per person and that number is projected to reach 13.6 per person by 2022. How do you know which Wise County ISP you should choose? All will have attractive sales brochures for their internet service, but that may not tell the story of what your reality will be when you get the service.

Free Internet Service Search We provide a completely FREE internet provider availability search service for all of Wise County. This enables us to help Wise County businesses and residents find the best internet service that is available at their location for the best service/price balance. Texas I.T. Pros are an agent for all the best internet providers in our area including BelWave, Vyve, and Nextlink, so we understand their service plans inside and out and can help you make the best choice for your home or business internet needs.

What’s the Difference Between Various Internet Providers? When you’re moving to a new home or business, one of the first things on the priority list is get an internet connection hooked up. But, do you go with cable, DSL, something else? And how do you know which provider is your best match? It helps to know the differences between the internet service providers, which include not only the type of internet they provide, but also things like pricing and customer support. Here are some of the multiple factors we consider for our clients when helping them choose the best ISP for their internet connection needs.

Type of Internet Connection Some types of internet service are designed for those in rural areas, others utilize satellite signals, and others underground cables. Here are the four main types of internet service typically available to Texas residents, and throughout the country:

  1. Cable: A high-speed internet option that utilizes underground cables. Cable internet is often offered in a bundle for a discount with TV cable service.

  2. DSL: DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is a type of internet service typically offered by phone carriers, like AT&T. It can sometimes run into congestion and slowdown issues, depending upon area.

  3. Satellite: Satellite internet is a wireless option that requires receiver dish to be installed. This service can typically serve areas without DSL or cable, but weather can impact reception.

  4. Wireless Broadband: This is a service specifically designed to bring high-speed internet to rural areas. It uses cell tower technology, similar to that of mobile carriers, to offer a wireless internet connection.

Pricing Plans Not understanding the difference in pricing plans between internet service providers can cause homeowners or business owners to get stuck in a nightmare multi-year contract that’s costing them more than they planned on. Some ISPs will price their service on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to cancel when you like with no penalty. While others will sign you to contracts that have a costly penalty if you decide to switch services before they’re up. Another pricing consideration is to… read the fine print! Many ISPs use a low introductory rate to hook you, only to raise the price considerably within 6 to 12 months. You need to consider the long-term pricing when comparing internet providers and not just the short-term sale price.

Service Reliability Until you use a service for a while, it’s hard to know if they’re going to have a lot of outages or if their service is not going to be as fast as you thought. All providers won’t offer the same level of service when it comes to things like speed and reliability. Some may have outages after the smallest thunderstorm, while others may rarely have an outage. It all depends upon their infrastructure. This is an area where our free internet provider availability search really comes in handy, because we can tell you what type of service to expect with each ISP based upon where you live or work, due to our vast experience with multiple clients.

Customer Support Experience Customer support experiences can vary widely between ISPs, and when you’re in an outage situation, you don’t want to be left in the dark or put through a frustrating automated voice menu without a way to talk to a real person. Things to evaluate when it comes to customer support include:

  1. Can you talk to a real person easily when you call?

  2. Do they have an outage alert system, such as texting you updates?

  3. How long do you have to stay on hold?

  4. Will they offer helpful suggestions about optimizing your service for best value?

Contact Us First for a FREE ISP Service Availability Search Whether you’ve moved and are signing up for new service or want to see what your options are for switching your ISP, our FREE Internet Provider Service Availability Search can help you make the best decision for your home or office connection. Contact us today to check out your options! Simply fill out this form and we'll get right back to you!

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