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5 Ways that Outsourcing IT for Your Small Business Can Save You Money

  1. Are you maintaining devices properly to maximize usable lifespan?

  2. Does your cybersecurity strategy get the monitoring it needs?

  3. How are you proactively teaching users to avoid phishing emails?

  4. Can you provide the fast service that today’s customers expect? Technology permeates just about every part of a company’s operations, from communications to marketing to accounting. For most small businesses, rather than saving money by trying to handle it all themselves, it’s actually costing them much more by not working with a managed I.T. provider.

Lower Your Technology Costs by Working with a Pro Imagine trying to handle your building’s electrical work or plumbing by yourself to save money. Most business owners wouldn’t even attempt it because:

  1. They’re not experts

  2. It would take them a lot longer than a professional

  3. It would result in much higher costs if it wasn’t done exactly right Those three factors are also all reasons not to do your I.T. yourself, otherwise, you could end up with more disruption and much higher costs. Working with an I.T. professional, like Texas I.T. Pros, to manage your technology infrastructure saves you money in several areas of your business.

1. Equipment Longevity Eighty percent of equipment I.T. costs occur after the initial purchase. This includes things like upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting and repairing any issues that arise during a computer or server’s lifespan. Each unmanaged computer costs a business $5,000 annually. When computers aren’t properly maintained, they have more problems, cause downtime, and won’t last as long as equipment that’s properly taken care of. Through managed I.T. services, your technology equipment is proactively maintained to ensure it’s in top operating order. Ongoing equipment health monitoring ensures that any potential maintenance issues are handled promptly before they result in business downtime.

2. Improve Employee Productivity Productivity is one of those silent costs that isn’t always as easy to quantify as those that come with a receipt. But poor employee productivity can cost a small business hundreds or thousands of dollars each month due to time wasted dealing with technology issues. The average annual hours lost by small businesses in productivity due to I.T. downtime is 545 hours. If your employees average $18 per hour, that’s a cost of nearly $10,000 a year. Productivity can be improved in a number of ways when you’re working with an outsourced I.T. partner, including:

  1. Employees get fast tech support (phone, remote login, etc.)

  2. Problems are headed off before they cause downtime

  3. Fast problem resolution by pros to reduce outage time

3. Serve Customers Better with Helpful Technology Guidance One of the benefits of outsourcing your I.T. is that you develop a relationship with a technology professional. They’re not only there to manage and maintain your equipment but can also be an invaluable consulting resource when it comes to optimizing the technology you use. Thanks to technology, 54% of customers have higher expectations for customer service now than they did a year ago. Keeping up with expectations means knowing how to take advantage of digital tools that can help you automate processes to do more without needing more staff resources. Your I.T. service provider makes it a point to get to know your business so they can make helpful recommendations to save you money and help you serve your customers better

4. Prevent Costly Data Breach Incidents One of the biggest threats to small and medium business (SMB) owners these days is a data breach incident. The average cost of a data breach for SMBs is $3,533 per employee. One data breach can put many smaller companies out of business for good if they’re not properly prepared. Cybersecurity is not something you want to “try to handle” yourself. When you work with an outsourced provider and have a managed I.T. service plan in place, this includes multiple security best practices that ensure your network, devices, and data are safeguarded from a costly breach.

5. Gain Forward Motion Another of those hidden costs that business owners trying DIY I.T. often overlook is the loss of forward motion for optimizing and growing their business. If you’re having to stop what you’re doing every other day to deal with another technology issue, that keeps you from driving forward motion for your company. An I.T. Pro handling your technology infrastructure for you, frees you to put yours and your team’s full brain power and resources squarely on your business, where they should be.

Ask About Our Tailored Managed I.T. Service Plans Stop putting out fires and start getting the cost benefit that comes from working with an I.T. expert. Texas I.T. Pros has multiple tiers, so you can choose exactly the level of service you need. Contact us today to sign up and learn more! Call 940-239-6500 or reach out online.

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