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5 Reasons It’s Important to Talk to an I.T. Pro Before Making Any Technology Decisions

I.T. consultation from a trusted professional first. Whether you’re investing in a computer, printer, website, credit card machines, or something else, with any type of technology you could end up paying dearly if you don’t look at all considerations before you buy. 44% of businesses expect their technology budget to increase in 2020. Technology has become so ingrained in the way that we do business that any change that I.T. makes in a workflow for the better or worse can have significant impacts on your bottom line. Improving productivity can help your team be more efficient and give your customers a better experience but making the wrong choice can lead to frustration and systems that no longer work properly. There are multiple considerations that can go into a technology purchase such as:

  1. Software and hardware compatibility

  2. Duplication of efforts

  3. Ease of use/adoptability

  4. Support reliability

  5. Cost vs benefit In order to fully understand how any new technology is truly going to help your business, you need the help of someone that works with tech day in and day out.

Consult with an I.T. Professional First! Here’s Why Whether you’re upgrading an outdated system or choosing a new team productivity software, making a wrong decision means additional costs you didn’t bargain for and sends you back to the drawing board. Make technology decisions with confidence by consulting with a Pro like Texas I.T. Pros. We can help you avoid the following mistakes.

Buying Technology That You Don’t Need Have you ever purchased a new software, then once your employees see it, someone tells you that a program you already have does that same thing? Duplication of efforts between applications can be confusing and often has companies paying for more software subscriptions than they need. An I.T. pro can spot redundancies in your applications and advise you on the most cost-efficient purchases before you buy something you don’t need.

Purchasing Incompatible Hardware or Software Sometimes you’re just trying to add something helpful to your network, but you haven’t even considered that it might not work with the programs you’re already using. If you get a brand new shopping cart program for your website that doesn’t integrate with your CRM program, that means additional manual entry that could’ve been avoided by making a different choice. I.T. Pros look past the marketing hype of a product to the core technology behind it and can help steer you clear of incompatible choices.

Slowing Your Team Down with Steep Learning Curves You’re trying to choose the best new team project management program, and one in particular has some detailed reporting features that you like. So, you choose it based upon that, only to find out it’s now taking your team longer to manage tasks and projects due to the complicated interface. Not all software has the same learning curve, and unless you have experience with it already, it’s difficult for you to know how easy it will be for your staff to use. I.T. pros work with multiple companies and can give you insight into the programs that seem to work the best for everyone so you can gain the benefit of industry insight before making a decision.

Breaking a System That’s Working Sometimes a new technology option isn’t only incompatible with your current system, it could break it completely causing you costly downtime while you try to put the pieces back together. I.T. professionals understand system specifications and can check any new technologies against what you currently use to warn you of any negative consequences before you buy.

Creating Confusing Workflows Instead of Streamlining Your office uses one program for calendar sharing, another for customer support tickets, a different one for sales, and yet something else for your website chat. While technology can do so many great things, it can also get unruly and out of hand if you don’t have a strategic plan whenever you add something new. An I.T. pro can help with streamlining your technology and give you guidance on how to use as few programs as possible to accomplish the same things. Not only does this save you money, it can also increase overall efficiency.

Call Us Before You Make Your Next I.T. Decision Avoid costly mistakes when it comes to your technology infrastructure. Texas I.T. Pros can be your trusted advisor, helping you make decisions that empower your growth rather than hold you back. Let’s discuss your tech needs today! Call 940-239-6500 or reach out online.

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