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5 Important Ways Data Backups Can Improve Security & Lower Costs

managed I.T. services that include data backup and recovery. The average cost to a mid-sized company per hour of downtime is $44,000. Backing up your entire data infrastructure – all devices, servers, and cloud platforms – is a critical part of ensuring business continuity, reducing your operational costs, and instilling trust in your customers.

What is the Best Way to Back Up Data? Companies have several options for data backup and recovery, and how successful their recovery process is when they need a backup restored will often differ according to the method they choose. For example, if you back up files on to an external USB drive, you’re basically copying documents over, rather than backing up your entire system including software and settings. So, in the case of a computer crash, you will have your individual files, but you may still be missing a lot of the other items that were included on your PC, such as expensive software. Using a cloud-based backup or a removable disk backup with a tool designed specifically for backup and recovery, you get a more robust backup solution. These tools create an image of your entire hard drive, so if you need to restore data to another PC, not only will your files be restored, but also your email, software, and other system settings, so you’ll be able to get back up and running faster.

Here’s Why Data Backups are So Important Most of a company’s files, customer data, accounting records, and other information are now in digital form, so protecting that data is vital to keeping your business resilient, no matter what. Here’s why a good data backup solution should be at the top of your technology priority list.

Protection from Ransomware Ransomware attacks against businesses are on the rise, increasing 77% during the first half of 2019. In Texas, 23 cities have been hit so far this year by ransomware, including Keene and Borger. When you have a backup of your data, you’re protected against the costs of a ransomware attack since you can easily restore all your data to cleaned devices without needing to pay and expensive ransom demand.

Stay in Business After a Natural Disaster Texans have seen their fair share of tornadoes, hurricanes, wild fires, and flooding over the years and when a natural disaster strikes your office, you can end up losing everything inside. A tornado in Garland in October missed one of our clients by just two miles. Another tornado, this time in Denton back in April, missed one of our clients by just TWO BLOCKS. One of our clients moved into a new building and during the first big rain after moving in, found out that their new server room floods every time it rains hard. All of these scenarios make having a cloud-backup vital to keeping your business going after a disaster because your team will have the data that they need to keep your company running from an alternate location.

Mitigate Risks Due to Human Error Accidental deletion is one of the top causes of data loss. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and if an important folder is deleted from your server, it could cost you dearly to try to replace the contents… unless you have another copy that can be easily restored from your data backup.

Keep Data Safe in the Event of a Hard Drive Crash Hard drives can fail due to a number of different reasons, including:

  1. Parts failure

  2. Software conflict

  3. Exterior damage (water, being dropped, etc.)

  4. Aged out Often this can happen without warning if you don’t have a system monitoring plan in place. This can mean an entire computer or server’s worth of lost files if you don’t have a backup copy of your records.

Secure Data from Virus and Malware There are many forms of malware out there that can cause serious damage to your data. From trojans that corrupt files to spyware that works to infiltrate your sensitive information. Once you realize you’re infected, it can leave your business at a standstill until the issue is solved. Having a clean copy of all your data is safer than trying to extract dangerous scripts from your files. It means an easier and less expensive recovery, because the infected devices can be wiped clean and simply restored from your backup.

Have You Tested Your Backup and Recovery Lately? An important part of any backup plan is the recovery. These need to be tested regularly to ensure your backup hasn’t hit some type of problem without your knowledge. Texas I.T. Pros can handle all your backup and recovery needs. Don’t wait until a crash happens, call us now to discuss your backup plan. Call 940-239-6500 or reach out online.

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