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5 Helpful Gmail Search Tips to Free Up Space in Your Google Account

Quickly Find & Remove Older Emails (Before:YYYY/MM/DD)You may be surprised how many old emails with attachments are filling up your inbox when you actually search them out. But who has the hours needed to go through them all one by one, scrolling through mail folders? Instead, you can use the following search function in the search bar at the top of your Gmail account.

Quickly Find the Emails That Are  “Storage Hogs” (Larger:#M)If you don’t have time to look through every email with an attachment, you can target those that are particularly large by using this next search term.  Type in: Larger:#M (adding a number in place of the #, such as Larger:10M) This will bring up all email messages, sent or received, that are larger in size than the number you’ve designated in megabytes. Large file attachments are often the culprit taking up valuable storage space.  This trick can get you back quite a bit of space if you’ve had your Gmail account for a while.

Get Rid of Specific Emails from or to a Sender (Use Additional Operators)You can open the search operators panel that is to the right of the search box to open up many other specific ways to search messages in your Gmail account. This is helpful if you know that you no longer need any messages from your old job from 2 years ago, for example. You can just use a from or to email address to pull up those specific messages so you can quickly delete them.

How to Select All Messages in a Search (Use Select All conversations…)Most people that have messy inboxes simply don’t have time to go through and delete old messages, especially those that they’ve sent. When you search to bring up specific emails, this next tip will keep you from having to page through multiple results and delete only 50 at one time. You can instantly select all messages that come up in a search by doing the following.

Get More Targeted Using More Than One Search At a TimeIf you’d like to get rid of messages with an attachment larger than 10MB, but only those that are older than 3 years, you can do this by combining the two search operators. For this search, you would use: has:attachment larger:10M older_than:3y

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