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5 Features of Microsoft Edge That Has It On Track to Be the #2 Browser

1. Collections: A Better Way to BookmarkBookmarks for web pages have been around since the early days of the internet. In all this time, it’s never really been improved in a big way. Users end up with folders of text-based bookmarks that are difficult to find and that never get deleted because it’s too hard to go looking for older ones. Microsoft Edge has reimagined how you save web pages with its Collections feature. Collections is a more visual way to bookmark pages. You create Collections topics and within those topics, you save your pages. Collections includes the image visual from the site, making them easier to instantly recognize. They also sit in a side panel that you can pull out by clicking the “+” button at the top of the browser. This makes saved pages much easier to find and easier to identify for deletion when they’re no longer needed.

2. Immersive Reader for Distraction-Free WebsitesDon’t you hate it when you’re trying to read the information on a web page and ads and banners throughout the page provide a distraction? The Immersive Reader in Edge can be used on any website that facilitates an immersive experience and one that makes the experience easier for those who may have vision-related challenges.   You’ll see a small book page icon on the right side of the address bar when visiting a page that is compatible with this element.

  1. Text size

  2. Text spacing

  3. Background and text color

  4. Audio read-back of the text

3. Vertical Tabs: Cleaner Browser WindowAnother cool feature in Microsoft Edge is the ability to switch from horizontal tabs to vertical tabs for a cleaner browser window. Tabs will fold nicely on the left-hand side of your screen, and you can roll over them to open up more information about that page.

4. Use Chrome Add-OnsOne of the things that hold new browsers back from gaining a lot of steam when they’re first released, is that they tend to be much less supported at first. This was the case with Edge, which didn’t have a lot to offer for add-on customization when it was introduced. For example, Edge came out over five years ago but only began gaining steam in 2020, after it switched to a Chromium-based architecture. In addition to increasing browser speed and performance, that transition allowed Edge to use the same add-ons as Google Chrome. This advantage may be a determining factor for many who decide to move from Chrome to Edge because they no longer must give up favorite browser customizations.

5. Password Monitor: Get an Alert for Compromised LoginsEdge recently added a password monitor feature, similar to a feature Chrome has as well. The Password Monitor will alert you if a login you have saved in Edge has been detected on the Dark Web.  In your password settings, you can see a full list of any compromised usernames and passwords that have been involved in a database breach so you can immediately change that login.

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