Moving to a new office or opening a new office are among the most stressful things business owners and their employees will ever do. There are many things to take care of and plan in order to make the project successful, including a number of I.T. considerations. If everything isn’t done properly, you could end up with an office full of employees that can’t work for days. Fortunately, these projects are one of our specialties. We can take care of all of the following and more:

  • Identifying internet and phone service providers that can provide service to the new office
  • Transferring existing internet and phone service to the new office if the current providers can service the address
  • Providing and installing network wiring, wireless networks, servers, computers, and other hardware and software for the new office, or moving your existing equipment
  • Providing and installing phones and a phone system for the new office, or moving your existing phones and phone system
  • Identifying providers for and helping get quotes for and acquire large multi-function copy machines and other high-tech office equipment
  • Disconnecting and packing up all I.T. equipment in the old office
  • Physically moving all I.T. equipment to the new office
  • Setting up all I.T. equipment in the new office and ensuring that everything works properly
  • Keeping downtime of critical systems such as email, phones, and business software to a minimum
  • Providing aftercare by being onsite the morning after the move just in case there are any problems

We have done many of these projects over the years, and we take great pride in having this process down to a science. Nobody does it better than we do. Timing is everything with these type of projects, so bring us in as soon as you have made a decision to move or open a new office and we’ll get to work planning a successful project right away. You can put our experienced team of I.T. moving professionals to work for you today by giving us a call at 940-239-6500.